Inclement Weather

Watch: Conditions are right for severe weather, thunderstorm, tornado, blizzards, etc. Continue with normal activities but continue to monitor the situation.

Warning: Severe weather is occurring. Be prepared to move to shelter if threatening weather approaches. Remain indoors and away from windows until the severe storm passes. If large hail begins to fall seek shelter immediately. Outdoor weather sirens will sound if radar or weather spotters have identified a tornado.

If a tornado is in the area take the following actions

  • Seek shelter immediately. A basement or below ground is a preferable location. In a multi-story building seek shelter in an interior hallway and on a lower floor of a building.
  • Stay away from windows, exterior doors, outside walls, or rooms located on the top floor of a building.
  • If shelter is taken in corridors, ensure doors leading into corridors are closed and there are no large windows on either end of the corridor.

All campus buildings have building specific evacuation route maps posted near elevators, exits, common areas, restrooms, and near water drinking fountains. Our 11’ x 17” evacuation maps depict green shaded areas within your building that are designated shelter-in-place locations. Take time to review these maps for your buildings and become familiar with your shelter-in-place areas.

If you have questions concerning your designated shelter-in-place locations give Fire & Life Safety a call. A staff member will meet with you personally and review your facilities shelter-in-place locations.

Dane County Emergency Management
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Local News Outlets:
Channel 3000
NBC 15