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    Welcome to the Office of Occupational Health!

Occupational Health


The Occupational Health Program is dedicated to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety by serving as a technical and professional resource for the UW-Madison campus community.  

In support of this, we commit to:

  • Promote a healthful and safe campus environment through evaluation, education, and consultation
  • Support the campus pursuit of injury and illness prevention and health and safety compliance
  • Collaborate with others to improve health and safety at UW-Madison    

Primary questions the Occupational Health Program can help you answer include:

Is my workplace safe?

The Occupational Health Program has credentialed safety, industrial hygiene and training staff to help assess a variety of hazards in the workplace, including those found in research labs, offices, construction, agriculture and many other settings.  

Is my workplace affecting my health?

The Occupational Health Program partners with the Occupational Medicine Program at University Health Services to provide medical health consultation and surveillance services to monitor, protect and enhance employee and student health in the workplace. We also partner with the Environmental Health Program which provides services including air and water quality testing, biosafety cabinet certification and food and recreational facility licensing.